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Folks, I am looking for pictures and info of the SAL heavyweight coaches 821 and 822 that later became SCL cars of the same numbers. These cars were later sold to the Clinchfield Railroad and pulled behind their 4-6-0, #1 as car numbers 103 and 104. Would like to put a Clinchfield excursion train together in HO scale. Thanks, William Billy

-- William Billy (, September 14, 2003


William : there is is photo of car # 821 in Wiliam E. Griffin's book " Seaboard - the route of courteous serice" on page 144. I do think both cars were gone from the SAL roster at the time of the merger.

-- John Potter (, September 20, 2003.

William -

In Paul Fulk's book "Seaboard Airline - Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment", on page 18 is a picture of coach #820. That is the best I could find. Given it is the same class, that should work.

-- Bill Parks (, September 15, 2003.

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