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can anyone e-mail me the contents/wording of sub clause "c" ,section 36 of administration of justices act 1970/1973?

i have not been able to locate this sub clause, which apparently exists stating that you are legally entitled to redeem the mortgage on a property ,after repossession,if your name is still on the deeds,before the building socitiey sells on the open market.

i am trying to establish if this is true? does this clause exist/and is this what it states?

look forward to someones further advice.

thank you.

please reply to "" asap.


-- william smith (, September 12, 2003


william, I have just found some training notes which cover sec 36 AJA. The Administration of justices Act has limited juristiction and applies up to the point of eviction. thereafter the AJA have no statutory power. This was decided in a case Mortgage Agency Services Limited - v - Bal in 1998. If eviction has already taken place then the AJA will not help you. If you have not yet been evicted it will, but act quickly. Hope this helps L

-- Lexie (, September 15, 2003.

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