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Constructive feedback/ critique of any aspect of my site is welcomed

-- leon taylor (leon@leontaylorlandscaoes.co.uk), September 12, 2003


sorry - my email address had errors - this one is correct

-- leon taylor (leon@leontaylorlandscapes.co.uk), September 12, 2003.

The opening page, the photographs are very beautiful. However, they are very large in weight/dpi. Your opening "tree" photograph is 300 dpi, and another photograph on your site was over 600 dpi.

You should reduce the dpi to the traditional 72 for web pages. Of course, at the dpi you have posted your photographs, we can all print beautiful copies of them.

They are very interesting photographs though, the layout of the site is nice. Sometimes the designs you have over the photos are a little distracting. I will certainly look at them again on a computer that is hooked up to cable or dsl, and can handle the downloads faster.

-- vwillendorf (vwillendorf@yahoo.com), October 01, 2003.

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