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After some really enjoyable (ahem) hours sifting through something I know nothing about, I have a few questions to anyone who does know! 1. AIC are chasing us for the debt yet I cannot find their name on anything from NHL 2. My husband's (his mortgage) ex-wife's NI no (her mortgage too) is on the paperwork, is this breaking data-protection and will it help me? 3. No signs of any letters sent to my husband or any means of attempted resolve since repo 1995. 4. There is something about a Pool Indemnity Claim, and the amount received being very close to the amount outstanding, what is this and does this mean they have claimed for the shortfall anyway?

Thanks to anyone X

-- Linda (, September 11, 2003



First of all I would suggest you read my posting under "Should I pay up ??" dated 8th September 2003, and see if anything applies to you e.g. statute barring, CML 6 year voluntary code etc. AIC seem to have taken over from JDL debt collectors recently, if it were me I would write to AIC and ask for proof that the alleged debt has been assigned to them by the lender, making sure not to acknowledge the debt by including the following wording "this request does not constitute an admission of any liability and is not an acknowledgment of the debt". If AIC don't co-operate then I would cut them out of the equation and deal directly with NHL/Paragon.

You may well have a data protection issue here, how far it will help I'm not sure. I think there were some earlier postings on this either by Chris or Sue, perhaps they can advise ??

I'm not certain but I would imagine that the Pool Indemnity Claim means that the lender has claimed on an insurance available to them, this won't help unfortunately as the insurer can still claim their loss back from you directly or, more usually, get the lender to recuperate the money under the rights of subrogation.


-- M Amos (, September 12, 2003.

Hi Linda,

Yes it is breaking data protection if they produce details of personal financial information. My fiance received details of his ex- wife's income etc. and complained, stating if they did the same to him he would be pursuing this further. We haven't had a reply to this letter, along with other details we asked for, since October 2002.

-- Chris (, September 15, 2003.

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