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I'd like to get information about what was like the Titanic's Electrical Power Plant, There are many technical details I'd like to know, such as: --Was it AC or DC (in other words, was it generated by means of Alternators or brush type Dynamos.

--I've deducted from reading informations relative to the ship's disaster, that it seams undoubtful that the Power Plant was generating electric current untill nearly the last moments in which the boat was flooded but still floating; I ask, how was it possible?,

were the Generators placed in a such elevated position respective to the ship's keel, that they were not flloded untill the very last moments?,...In this case, since the steam generating boilers were nearly at the bottom, how could they supply steam for the electrical generators, presuming that those were impulsed by steam reciprocating or turbined engines?

Is there any web site where a deep study is displayed about this more technical aspects of the Ship?

Tnx to the kind reader who can make some light about my questions.

-- Frigola Sala, Salvador (, September 11, 2003



The Titanic had four steam driven direct-coupled 110-volt direct current generating sets located in the main engine room. At the time the ship sank, the aft most boiler room was not in use, and the pressure on the other boilers would have been bleeding off. However, as long as the funnels and air intakes were above the water, and the second most aft boiler room was not flooded, steam, in sufficient quantity, could have been produced still to run the generator set(s).

The main problem, though, was the tripping of breakers as different circuits became submerged, and shorted out.

Hope this answers any questions.

BTW, average steam pressure was 215 psi.

-- Wes K (, September 11, 2003.

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