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when i use a slow motion effect in dv footage in adobe premiere 6.5 i get certain jerk on it i dont know why, then after i have to use flicker remover option in it..but it will obviously make the picture very blur which i dont want there particular shutter movement while shooting for high speed as i am a cameraman myself...i will be glad if you guys drop some of the lines for me

kind regards Adrean

-- ADrean Jex (, September 11, 2003


As far as my knowledge goes about slow motion, then the ideal way to go for it is use shutter speed while you are shooting, most of the time I have seen videoprapher using digital dont use shutter, that makes it jerk when u are using slow motion on editing. Using 500 or 1000 shutter speed I have got good results and for editing I have used final cut pro

-- Aziz Dhamani (, November 13, 2003.

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