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Well here we are two years after 9-11. The press is out in force, trying to create trouble. It sometimes disgusts me to listen to the fakery of the press. However, no matter how the press yodels on, the message of 9-11 is the same.

1) Heroes have nothing whatever to do with sports, television, or movies.

2) In a crisis America pulls together

3) There is no such thing as safety, prepare, prepare, prepare...

4) Terrorists are slimey cowards. I've heard it said by some idiot that the terrorists couldn't be cowards because they flew themselves into a building. That is garbage! It takes far more courage to stand and face your enemy, than to run away into suicide and death.

5) Although man turns his back on God, when bad times come, he is still faithfully waiting for us to turn to him.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, September 11, 2003


Amen ma'am - two years have gone by and the press expects miracles - all terrorists to be behind bars or are now reformed, have been spanked and are now building houses for the homeless.

Truth is, we've been very lucky that terrorist groups haven't targeted us before 2001. We have an economy very dependent on steady amounts of utilities being available to us - a 'blackout' longer than a couple of hours is a catastrophy (witness gasoline prices shooting up because of that small hiccup).

Imagine what a SARS or other outbreak would do to the economy - no air travel, car travel curtailed - instant chaos.

Becoming more independent of the grid only makes sense to me. But I'm nobody.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (, September 11, 2003.

What scares me is, you don't know who your neighbor is any more. Use to be everyone in the neighbor hood knew everyone else. Now no one visits anymore. There is so many people who move in and out of the neighbor hood you don't know. They could be terriost and you would never know. I live in what is considered country, but it is really a small community. Most people own they property here, but some are renters, and about every month or two you see someone moving in or out.

We feel pretty safe here, but you never know who your neighbor is. We have been here 6 years and the place next door has had about 4 or 5 people who have lived there. We have 2 and 1/3 acres and I feel so closed in. I wish we could have found more land so we would have had more of a buffer space.

I think the people who live in the big cities have more to be worried about. After the first shock of a black out, then I don't think people will continue pulling together. That's when the looting, will start.

-- Ruby (, September 13, 2003.

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