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This may be a bit of an odd request, but here goes. I have a photo of my Dad, climbing out of his jeep in the summer of 1945 in France. He was a radio tech in the headquarters company of the 75th Inf Div and had grown up in Virginia.

Painted above the rear wheel well, in large (~3 inch high) white capital letters is the word "SOUTHERN". Close inspection suggests that the inside of the "O" is a darker color in the B&W photo than the olive drab color of the jeep itself.

It has occured to me that it is a reference to the Southern Railroad logo, and looks much like it. But the information I have found indicates Southern didnt adopt the green filled in "O" until the '60s .. my question is, is that correct, and does anyone have any information that might help me understand this interesting, clearly non-regulation, logo on my dad's jeep.



-- carl drummon (, September 10, 2003


Southern began an advertising campaign based on the phrase "Southern Gives a Green Light to Innovations". As part of the campaign, the inside of the "O" in Southern was painted to symbolize the green light. I can't recall when it started, but I don't think it was prior to the 60's.


-- Bob Ayers (, October 03, 2003.

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