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I let a car go back in Oct 94'. It was recently turned over to a collection agency. Am I responsible? The original amount they tried for through another agency was $4,467.85. They were unsuccessful. This agency wants $10,172.45. Can they legally collect after that many years?

Bev Minton

-- Beverly Minton (, September 10, 2003


Beverly, I don't have an answer for you but i'm going through the same thing. My husband had his truck repossessed in 98 before we were married, and the amount they said he still owed was 3528.00. The collection agency got a judgement against him in 2000 for the amount plus lawyer fees, court cost and 11.99% interest starting in 98. His check was garnished for 2 months in 2000 and then stopped until 3 weeks ago. The balance is now 7500.00 and they are garnishing 1000.00 a month,I have talked with the lawyer and I offered to settle for 3000.00, which after the garnishments was still over by 1000.00, he would not settle. He wants his money. The original bank the loan was taken out with said they would settle for 2000.00 but the lawyer siad they have no say so in the matter. I just can't believe this is legal. If you have found out anything will you let me know? There has got to be something we can do to these money grubbing lawyers.Thank You, Amber Garza

-- amber garza (, October 25, 2003.

Hi, this is a UK mortgage repossession help site and those reading it will not be able to advise you with regards to issues in the USA. You may wish to check out to find others in the same situation or involving the same company as yourselves. I hope this helps.

-- Lexie (, October 25, 2003.

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