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Im trying to find 1 Titanic film in particular that i remember seeing as child in the school holidays.

From what i can remember it was where they were going to raise the titanic and i can remember seeing a diver looking into a port hole and seeing someone looking back out at him and the diver was that scared he lost his mouth piece and all these bubbles flew out of his mouth piece to the surface ,from what else i can remember they did raise it and apparently most of the young children/babys had survived in an air pocket or something and were now these old people.

It was really good but i don't remember much more about it but i have been trying to hunt it down for years and so far no one i have spoken to recalls any such movie ,i can't remember the exact year but it would have been between 1985 and 1991 i remember it was on TV during the school holidays and thats about it!

Hope someone knows what one i would have seen!

-- Brian Green (lappie@softhome.net), September 09, 2003


Your after the movie Raise the Titanic.

I'm not sure who the main stars are however I know Alec Guinness has a role in it somehow....so does Jaqueline someone....Bisset maybe.

I think you'll be looking at around 82-84 for the year it was made.

-- Pete Biliczka (pbiliczka@radiowest.com.au), September 23, 2003.

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