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Hello I am a researcher from the Kilroy television show and am currently looking for guests for a programme we are recording on the subject of money and debt.

I am keen to speak to people who have found themselves in debt situations. With the national level of debt currently out of control we are keen to highlight these problems.

The discussion will be about such things as coping with losing your money, how you were treated by others including the banks and building societies and how you have coped.

Please call me for more information on 0207 893 7890


Lynsey Kent Senior Researcher The Kilroy Programme 0207 893 7890

-- lynsey kent (, September 09, 2003


Be Lucky Lynsey, Do yourself a favour, don't pay your mortgage for a couple of months, get your house repossessed, then just sit back and wait for the lenders to hunt you down like a pack of wolves and demand 10/20 times what you thought you owed them and then you go on Kilroy and tell him how you coped with the banks and building societies when you thought you had done something right at the time, for which you are now being treated like brown stuff on the bottom of a shoe,

Happy Hunting

Mr Well, Tucked up by the Abbey

-- Mr Well (, September 16, 2003.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your posting. What a complete twat ! lets get something straight. No one with any integrity whatsoever goes on a daytime telly chatshow This is about real people with real lives, not just fodder for a low calibre TV show Next time you want help in this way, at least make an effort not to be so patronising Clearly you have plenty to learn when it comes to man management. I trust you will think long and hard as you ponder your prospects and how indeed you steer your career in order to achieve your potential. Frankly, you give us all a bad name.

George Wall BBC

-- George (, September 27, 2003.

Hi Lindsey, I dont agree with George. Personally i think the more bad press these companies get and the more people are aware of what can happen if your home gets repoed the better. My Husband and i live with the worry everyday and are at the moment going through a battle with Abbey National I would be happy to contribute if you would like to email me. If not good luck with the programme let me know what day it will be shown i am sure it will make interesting viewing.


-- deddie dibble (, October 03, 2003.

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