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I have had a KitchenAid Hobart coffee mill since it was brand new. The poor thing got clobbered many years ago, at which time KitchenAid wanted $42 for a new hopper, which was broken. I was too cheap to get a new one, and "repaired" the old one with flexible plastic and tape.... I am now willing to buy a new hopper, but of course KitchenAid doesn't sell them. eBay offers the coffee mill, but I don't need anything but the hopper - mine works fine. Does anyone have an old KCM that doesn't work but has an intact hopper that I could buy or know where I could get one?

-- Sarah Toy (, September 08, 2003


I also have a kcm grinder without a hopper that was broken long ago. did you find anywhere to purchase one? I would appreciate any help as I have not been able to find one yet

-- ed (, November 21, 2003.

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