Raves in Charlotte, NC area?????

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Does anyone know when and where there are any good raves or house parties in the Charlotte, NC area? Thanks!!!

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2003


I don't, but I just moved here so I was wondering the same thing. I'm a hardcore junglist, but pretty much any rave will do. Just wanna be a part of the scene here.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2003

You guys should go to groovetickets.com, then type in NC areaa. Aslo spins.us georgia has a monthly listing for your area too!!

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2003

I'm moving to NC too....and would love to hook up with some people and be able to spin down there as well. Please anyone keep in touch. Ganna be hard to leave NY. : )

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2003

The place you guys are gonna want to be at is Mythos..for more info go to google,and type in Mythos club in charlotte..dont remember their link...But that is a str8 up rave..I myslef go there all the time...

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2004

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