F4 Engine noise

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I recently purchased a brand new f4 and it makes a fair amount of noise coming from the right side of the lower end.

It's not a knock, kinda sounds more like gear noise.

Anyone have some knowledge on this?

Thnaks, Eric

-- Eric (bimotavdue500@aol.com), September 06, 2003


The problem here is that your dealer will almost universally say "There's no problem". Because they don't care until it actually stops running (I'm generalizing here, but most dealers are this way in my experience). So is your bike really making noise? Most newer bikes do make sounds that aren't very pleasant. Even the MV makes some sounds. Since you have an email address that implies you own a 2 stroke, then I would say that a 4 stroke should sound like a herd of buffalos compared to a 2 stroke when it comes to noises coming out of the engine cases.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), September 08, 2003.

I think its probably cluch plate `rattle', does it stop when the clutch lever is pulled?

-- Geoff Kingston (geoff@wsr-racing.com), September 16, 2003.

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