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ive more or less got everything on there, i parked out side a building, and a window front fell on the bike and threw it down. Amazingly, nothing was really wrong with it. It got a few scratches on the left side fairing and the left mirror popped off of its mounts and the wind screen and left clutch lever broke. Not a single dent elsewhere or broken plastic. Thanks to my front and rear axle sliders and my bar end.!! Anyways, i'm still parting it out ive got pics. Oh!! I just remounted that left mirror and it stys on just fine and you can't tell the difference. THe fram eis straight and the engine works perfectly. Its got carbonfibre all over, the air ducts, the heel pads and heat shield, the exhaust, integrated indicator light kit , carbon key guard polished rims etc etc etc. SO just say what you need and REASONABLY what youre able or willing to pay and we'll negotiaate from there. Let me know soon thanks

-- Nigel (, September 06, 2003


Was this bike a single seater? and if so are you selling the black seat like thing that mounts to the soloseat. I cant think of what you would call it but i am sure you know what i mean.

-- Robbie (, September 06, 2003.

I am after the following parts

Gear and brake lever eccentrics (or complete levers) Front brake adjuster knob and the part it pushes forth into the mastercylinder (alternatively full front brake mastercyclinder) rear axle nut and safety pin (chain side) adjustable rear sets and pegs Rear seat hinge, grommets and plastic retainer rear tail lights Solo seat bum stop pad handlebar end weights

let me know if you can part with these and we can work out a price

Cheers Ed

-- eddy de Hue (, September 07, 2003.

Interested in the tank and air box, levers (foot , rear brake, front brake.) Also the air ducts, and fairing stay that go on the duct.

-- J Wuytack (, September 07, 2003.

How much for the rims?

-- James (, October 24, 2003.

Do you still have the tail section, exaust pipes and the rear wheel?

-- Martin (, December 04, 2003.

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