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To further fill out the list of ex-SCL passenger cars, several cars made it across the Canadian border, where they are soldiering on for VIA.

SAL 6232 is VIA 4118 ACL 271 is VIA 4119 ACL 274 is VIA 4120 SAL 6224 is VIA 4123 SAL 6216 is VIA 4125 ACL 224 is VIA 8130 ACL 227 is VIA 8131 ACL 226 is VIA 8135 ACL 222 is VIA 8146

The cars in the 41xx series were rebuilt with HEP and 74 seats and are used in Toronto-Windsor service, while cars in the 81xx series were rebuilt with 60 seats and are used in Transcontinental service.

In addition to the above cars, car SAL 6264 ex FEC Stuart was purchased by VIA for conversion, but was not rebuilt and is stored.

In addition to the above cars, other cars built for service on the Florida routes for other railroads are also in the VIA fleet.

RFP 851 is VIA 4121 PRR 4063 is VIA 4122 PRR 4059 is VIA 4124 RFP 801 is VIA 8140 PRR 4055 is VIA 8142 PRR 4053 is VIA 8143 RFP 806 is VIA 8145

PRR 4060, RFP 803, RFP 804 are stored.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, September 05, 2003


The ex-SAL 6607, ex-FEC Bay Biscayne is now the "Samuel H. Hawkins" on the SAM shortline tourist operation over ex-SAL trackage out of Cordele, Ga. - see photo on p. 30 of the new (3rd quarter) Lines South.

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 17, 2003.

As a follow up, the four coaches shown as being stored were sold by VIA in 2002. Another ex FEC car made it to the VIA roster in 2002-the ex-FEC "Bay Biscayne" ex SAL 6607 was sold to VIA by the British Columbia Railroad. This car was named "Pavilion" and was numbered 1751.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, September 17, 2003.

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