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As part of my ongoing research on the Louisville & Wadley, I've been seeing mentions and pictures online of a variety of freight cars bearing the LW reporting marks, some of them new looking and some decidedly second hand. I know they had some cars during the Railbox craze of the '70's, but can anyone provide the current scoop? And might anyone be able to provide a copy of (or information on)the L&W page from a recent ORER?

Thanks, Steve Flanigan Los Angeles

-- Steve Flanigan (sflanigan@mystuffbags.org), September 04, 2003


LW box car 1090 was the tail end of a NB CSX freight crossing 3rd St SW this morning. Another LW box car was closer to the front, but I wasn't close enough to the tracks to read the number.

-- Sheldon Daitch (sdaitch@ibb.gov), June 17, 2004.

I don't have any info on these prototype cars, but thought that you might be interested that is now producing one of these cars in N scale. Go to http://www.internettrains.com/lbflouiswad6.htmlLBF to see it.

I have some research materials that I collected on the L&W a few years ago. Let me hear from you and perhaps we could share information.

-- Randy Young (randyy@mindspring.com), September 07, 2003.

Steve, May I make a safe bet that you are the only person in L.A. who probably has ever even heard of the L&W, much less is researching it?!?!? :-)

Can’t help with any “modern” (post-60s) L&W cars, but I have some photos of the pulpwood cars they bought second-hand from Atlantic Coast Line in the late 60s –

-- Larry Goolsby (clgoolsby@att.net), September 04, 2003.

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