Ferrachi Barbacks.. A question..

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A newbie question here... Will have a pair of barbacks waiting for me at my 600 mile sevice.. Was just looking at the bike and steel braided cables look like there is little slack...

Will I need any longer cables? Brake? Clutch? Both?

Any advice would be appreciated..

-- Pirate (pirate@acelink.net), September 04, 2003


The Ferraci "risers" ONLY change the angle of your wrists, and dont alter the distance of the calbes or controls...no need to worry 'bout that. I personally didnt want to alter my bike in this way, and passed on this modification. I have heard that others really liked this set up. GO FOR IT!

-- val (sennasixty8@yahoo.com), September 05, 2003.

Yes Val is right no extra cables are need it, I have them on my bike end they are very comfortable, you weal like them even more on long journeys. By the way, have them polished they look much better, as the mat finish is not the same as the MV standard


-- Gianni Guaglianone (gianniguaglianone@btopenworld.com), September 09, 2003.

I agree with Giani -- get them polished. I have the matt finished risers on my 996 and they're not pretty. But they work very well and took about five minutes to install.

-- Philip (ppointer@nospamindspring.com), October 04, 2003.

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