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We've just completed a three story building with a Schindler Hydraulic Passenger elevator. We're beginning to look at maintenance service contracts, and wanted to get any ideas or suggestions about the best service for our money.

Schindler has been pressuring us to sign up with them, and they've been very slippery about costs; they quote high, then come down, then say they can't do that because they didn't have all the information in front of them at the time etc....Basically, I feel like we're being screwed with. Is there any downside to going with an independent service company? What is the "typical" cost for maintenance contracts for a three story elevator? How can we make sure we'll be getting service for our money? Thanks

-- Mark J (, September 04, 2003


Where are you located?

-- Joe (, September 04, 2003.

go UNION whatever you do.start setting up appts with other union companys and get quotes. theres nothing wrong with shopping around.

-- pauly (, September 10, 2003.

Hi Mark, COngrats on your new bldg. If you shop the union companies that would be your best bet at getting good results and support. Most likely your specification by the architect to the builder did not state that the elevator must be maintainable by any other vendor. If it was left to any of the major installers you probably received thier most difficult equipment for someone else to maintain. I think you may be best served by Schindler if it is Schindler equipment. They are a good organization and make decent equipment (in general). They will have what is needed "in stock" to maintain your unit. No matter what other companies tell you they will not be able to maintain the unit as well as the OEM. In our area (North Carolina)hydraulic units can go from 110-160 for a 3 stop with full maintenance and no OT calls included. If you think your getting a raw deal from your vendor always contact a well respected consultant. Good Luck.

-- James H. (, September 12, 2003.

Mark Can you be a little more specific about the type of equipment you have? Specifically the type of control. I.e. Miconic VX/LX, Possibly SX or whatever. Most of Schindlers equipment just like any other companies equipment, can be maintained quite adequately by third party companies & Don't just go for the Union companies they will charge more & its not true that you will always get the best advice from them. Find out as much information about your elevator as you can, including the the rated load. Take your time & shop around, it would even make sense to have your own service contract drawn up & legally hold your chosen company to it. They won't like it, but stuff them. Elevator companies can easily charge you at least @ 120% mark up & more if they can. You can get them down to a realistic figure if you do your homework, & the mark is one question you want a real answer about.



-- John (, September 13, 2003.

The OEM is your best choice for availability of parts and detailed knowledge of the system. Schindler equipment may require special software and hand-held devices, etc. which little shops won't have access to. Non-union mechanics won't have access to training on new equipment and may not maintain safety standards upheld by the union. You'll get what you pay for.

-- N. Mahl (, October 23, 2003.

If you go with an union contractor,your likely to pay more & get less.Have a good consultant put together a contract & put it out for bid. If you plan anymore buildings have the architect spec non- proprietary equipment,this will save you money & trouble in the long run.

-- David & Tara McAdams (, October 23, 2003.

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