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The whole link regarding Loancheck has been removed!


I thought the Home Repo was unbiased, i was obviously wrong!


Click here to see a copy of the original thread - with additional comments.

-- fairer financial world (, September 04, 2003


Oh! Did I "agree to remove the thread"?

Indeed, did I "remove the thread"?

Tell me more. ;-)

-- Lee (, September 05, 2003.

It was obviously getting too hot for Loancheck as they realised they had been found out by the contributors to this site.

You notice they stopped replying to any of the messages because they had no answers.

Loancheck probably went cap in hand to Home Repo and requested the removal of the messages.

At least all the readers can rest assured that all the criticism of Loancheck was correct.

-- Gaz (, September 04, 2003.

But my problem with all this is that any new people to this site will not be alerted to the fact that they have demonstrated they cannot do as they promise!

Innocent people (the ones we all help) may see this 'slick' promoting and not the threads demonstration of how all questions remained unanswered.

At the very least the who helps section about them should be updated to point out the lack of answers to our questions.

I have been watching this site for over a year and never seen such a response, over 25 posts in 2 days! - all of us cannot be incorrect can we?

Lee - Did they answer our queries to you in private before you agreed to remove the thread?

-- fairer financial world (, September 04, 2003.

Lee - Did they answer our queries to you in before you removed the thread?

-- fairer financial world (, September 05, 2003.

Lee, as the maintainer of this web site and moderator of this message board perhaps you could tell us what has happened to the postings about Loancheck? I think that i am not the only one curious as to why it has now vanished. An explanation - what ever that is, would put an end to the speculation don't you think? Also, can you tell me how to have information inserted on other pages. New info which has come to light etc. Regards Lexie

-- Lexie (, September 05, 2003.

Have i missed something? what is all this discussion going on about loancheck. Who is loancheck.

-- denise (, September 05, 2003.

Lee, you were asked a simply question by fairerfinacialworld, was it neccesary to reply in such a negative sarcastic manner.

Can you answer? Dont want to answer? scared to answer?

which is it Lee?

-- keith (, September 05, 2003.

I have just visited the site and have been informed about Loancheck who advise they can do many things regarding repossesion etc, and refer from their website, a number of publications ie The Sun, The Telegraph etc, as supporting their cause. Is therefore a problem with this company, I also note that they are recruiting for agents, would anyone recommend this company

-- Karl Kardking (, September 07, 2003.

Thank you Lee!

For all concerned please see the link in the above original posting.

It transpires that 3 of the contributors were the same person!

To clarify, I REALLY DO hope that Loancheck suceed, however, I still TOTALLY stand by MY comments regarding Loancheck within the thread and look forward to Loancheck responding to the questions placed or agreeing to defer their fees from people of this site until a result to prove 'proof in the pudding' has been provided.

-- fairer financial world (, September 07, 2003.

Thanks for the response. I am alarmed, if it is true, that this company has no money to speak of, but wants those in a vulernable and thus desperate position to part with what liitle money they do have, in an attempt to prevent them from having their homes repossessed.

Alternatively, however, if loancheck does prove its worth, things should look brighter forever one. We will have to wait and see!

-- Karl (, September 09, 2003.

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