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My daughter almost 10 years of age, took up swimming for school team since March this year till now. Her best time for 50 metre freestyle is 57 second, since then never improve her timimg and at some stages finish at 60s or more.

Just to tell you about her personality/character. She's soft type of girl, slow and steady when doing things,sometime take her own sweet time when doing certain things. As for education she's doing quite well, overall she's average. Is her character 'affect' her swimming speed.

What I noticed her when swimming her movement is a slow,she will show some speed after giving some pressure to her. Also sometimes not correctly swim in freestyle and breastroke especially the pulling. Can you recommend any video about swimming training.

Earlier on she has only learned 12 hours session of swimming for beginners before joining the school team.

I believed she can be much improve if she has a proper training. As a parents I would like to see her improve on her speed and stoke for any swimming style. Please advise.

-- Azman Mohd (amohd_fs@hotmail.com), September 03, 2003


First, she must have a proper stroke. She must kick her legs from the thigh. She must pedal her arms under the water more and must do less above the water to save energy. She must take breathing not very often as that will also reduce the speed.

-- Manikandan R (manikanr@emp3mail.com), November 28, 2003.

Does your daughter enjoy swimming? Would she want to go if you didnt take her. I find it difficult to believe from the questions your are asking as to your appropriate experience in swimming. You say you give your daughter pressure but is it useful - not so her time has dropped? Anyway if I have the wrong end of the stick and your daughter likes swimming here is my advice For Breaststroke - Pracice with 4 1 lenght sprints with a one minute breather between legnths. Then 4 legnths using breaststroke legs only with a flat hand float extended out in front of her.(No Breaks between lengths) Then 2minute Break 4 lengths with float between legs using breastroke arms only(No Breaks between lengths) Then 2minute Break

Get her to do this every day for a week -next time a holiday comes around. If no improvement in the timed lengths by end of week - Take as a bit of fun (At least she has has good exercise)an sign her up for the golf club. Then 8 legnths full breastroke (No Breaks between lengths) Then 2minute Break Then 2 legnths just using breastroke arms (no legs) and NO FLOAT or any other type of aid! Then 2minute Break Then 2 1 length sprints (timed)

end session

-- john rutherford (jr1.rutherford@virgin.net), January 19, 2004.

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