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============ Subj: [THAOLUAN] NHUC NHA E CHE Date: 8/17/03 5:45:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: Viengcl@aol.com Sent from the Internet (Details) Ho^.i DDo^`ng Tha`nh Pho^' Boston Kho^ng tie^'p Vie^n chu+'c To`a DDa.i Su+ Co^.ng sa?n Ba.ch Ngo.c Chie^'n, Tu`y vie^n Ba'o chi' TDSCo^.ng sa?n va` Vu~ DDa(ng Dzu~ng tu+` Washington dda~ dde^'n tha`nh pho^' Boston, MA dde^? go.i la` can thie^.p kho^ng dde^? cho tha`nh pho^' co^ng nha^.n la' co+` va`ng ba so.c ddo? cu?a VNCH cu~. Hai te^n na`y dda~ bi. tu+` cho^'i mo^.t ca'ch nhu.c nha~.Nghi. vie^n Maureen E. Feeney of Dorchester, ngu+o+`i ba?o tro+. Nghi. quye^'t co+` va`ng dda~ no'i tha(?ng vo^'i gio+'i chu+'c cao ca^'p Su+ qua'n Co^.ng sa?n ra(`ng: "I felt no need to meet with the communist representatives," she said. "We're not talking about Vietnam. We're talking about Vietnamese-Americans, who have come to this country and do not want their flag to be the flag of the regime that drove them out of their country."To^i tha^'y kho^ng ca^`n thie^'t pha?i ga(.p ca'c dda.i die^.n Co^.ng sa?n. Chu'ng to^i kho^ng no'i dde^'n Vie^.t Nam. Chu'ng to^i ddang no'i dde^'n ngu+?ng ngu+o+`i My~ go^'c Vie^.t, ho. dda~ dde^'n dda^'t nu+o+'c na`y va` kho^ng muo^'n la' co+` cu?a ho. la` la' co+` cu?a che^' ddo^. dda~ dda^?y ho. ro+`i kho?i que^ hu+o+ng." Vu DDa(ng Dzu~ng ti`m ga(.p mo^.t nghi. vie^n kha'c dde^? ba`y to? su+. pha?n ddo^'i nghi. quye^'t co^ng nha^.n co^` VNCH dda~ ddu+o+.c tra? lo+`i ra(`ng: o^ng ha~y ve^` Washington ro^`i ca?m nghi~ sao thi` ca?m, dda^y la` Boston, to^i lo cho co^.ng ddo^`ng cu?a chu'ng to^i. Hai nha^n vie^n cao ca^'p To`a DS Co^.ng sa?n Vie^.t Nam lu?i thu?i ra phi tru+o+`ng ve^` la.i Washington vo+'i nhu.c nha~ va` lo a^u. Nguye^~n Ta^m Chie^'n dda~ bi. nha` nu+o+'c ta trie^.u ho^`i, kho^ng bie^'t so^' pha^.n se~ ra sao, sau khi Phan Thu'i Thanh pha't ngo^n vie^n Bo^. Ngoa.i giao CHXHCN bi. ca'ch chu+'c vi` dda~ bie^?u lo^. to^'i dda "ti'nh giai ca^'p cho+. ca' " tuye^n bo^' xe't la.i quan he^. buo^n ba'n vo+'i Hoa Ky` khi vu. kie^.n ca' tra ca' ba sa bi. thua, Hoa Ky` a^'n ddi.nh mu+'c thue^' nha^.p "kha^?u" ca' tu+` Vie^.t Nam va`o My~ la` tu+` 34 dde^'n 64%." Tua^`n ba'o Kinh te^' A' Cha^u bi`nh lua^.n ra(`ng, ba` Phan Thu'i Thanh tuye^n bo^' ha'ch xi` xa(`ng ddo`i ca('t chuye^.n buo^n ba'n, ta(ng thue^' nha^.p kha^?u tre^n ha`ng ho'a My~... kho^ng bie^'t ro^`i ai se~ thie^.t ha.i. Vie^.t Nam ca^`n thi. tru+o+`ng My~ hay My~ ca^`n thi. tru+o+`ng Vie^.t Nam?

Tin tu+` (CHOCA) cho hay, Bo^. Ngoa.i giao CHXHCNVie^.t Nam lo la('ng cho hai ca'n bo^. ngoa.i giao cao ca^'p Ba.ch Ngo.c Chie^'n va` Vu~ DDa(ng Du~ng trong vie^.c bay le^n tha`nh pho^' Boston can thie^.p cho^'ng treo co+` VNCH, tuye^n bo^' ra(`ng My~ la`m nhu+ the^' la` kho^ng to^n tro.ng toa`n the^? nu+o+'c Vie^.t Nam. va` ra(`ng to^?n thu+o+ng quan he^. ngoa.i giao...v.v...Hanoi lo la('ng la` vi` co^ng da^n nu+o+'c Co^.ng sa?n kho^ng ddu+o+.c phe'p ddi la.i "linh tinh" tre^n dda^'t nu+o+'c Hoa Ky` nhu+ co^ng da^n Hoa Ky` ddu+o+.c. Loa.ng qua.ng co' the^? bi. ca?nh sa't ba('t bo? bo't cho+` ngu+o+`i nha` to+'i la~nh ve^`. Thu+' hai la` hai ca'n bo^. Co^.ng sa?n na`y dda~ to? ra do^'t na't ve^` ne^`n da^n chu? ta.i Hoa Ky`, ca'n bo^. ngoa.i giao ma` do^'t thi` nhu.c quo^'c the^? Co^.ng sa?n la('m. Bo^. ngoa.i giao ta dda~ nhie^`u la^`n ha(m do.a My~ ve^` su+. xa^'u ddi giua~ bang giao hai nu+o+'c, nhu+ng chu+'ng na`o ta^.t a^'y, chu'ng co' coi ta ra gi` dda^u. Tu+` Co+` dde^'n Ca' ro^`i dde^'n a'o qua^`n may de^.t, chu'ng cu+' la`m kho' ta ddu? ddie^`u. Va^.y ma` ca'c ddo^`ng chi' va^~n kho^ng ti`m ddu+o+.c ca'ch na`o nga(n cha(.n ma` la.i co`n pha?n u+'ng ngo^ng cuo^`ng da.i do^.t. DDo'ng cu+?a to`a la~nh su+. San Francisco u+? la^'y dda^u la`m o^? gia'n ddie^.p, ti`nh ba'o? La^'y dda^u la`m co+ so+? dda'nh pha' co^.ng ddo^`ng ty. na.n? Va^.y ca'c ddo^`ng chi' ca^`n pha(?i pha?n ti?nh, kie^?m ddie^?m, ru't kinh nghie^.m ke?o hu+ he^'t mo.i chuye^.n. Ma(.c du` ta dda~ da`nh ra mo^.t nga^n sa'ch lo+'n dde^? dda'nh My~ tre^n dda^'t My~ nhu+ng vo? quy't da`y co' mo'ng tay nho.n, ne^n ca^`n pha?i tha^.n tro.ng ke?o toi ke^' hoa.ch. va` chi.u the^m nhie^`u mo^'i nhu.c.

LuongNgon chuye^?n.

-- VeeVeo (xinbandungbuon@aol.com), September 03, 2003



You better ask UN for this Matter, after world war 2, Japan had to pay for those wars which damaged and occured in Vietnam, China, Philipne, Mlaysia etc.... and please read follow:

(FWD) ============ Nha^.t ba'o Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Nga`y 23 tha'ng 7 na(m 1998

Nga la.i ye^u ca^`u Ha` No^.i ba`n vu. tra? "no+. chie^'n tranh"

LONDON (TH) -- Nha^.t ba'o Financial Times cho bie^'t, chi'nh phu? Nga ye^u ca^`u Ha` No^.i ho.p la.i dde^? tha?o lua^.n vie^.c tra? nhu+~ng mo'n no+. ma` Lie^n Xo^ cho vay trong tho+`i chie^'n tranh.

O^ng Andrei Kostin, Chu? ti.ch Nga^n ha`ng kinh te^' ddo^'i ngoa.i (Vneshekonombank) no'i va(`ng o^ng hy vo.ng dde^'n mu`a thu na`y chi'nh phu? CSVN se~ tho?a thua^.n tho+`i bie^?u ca'c mo'n no+. tra? da^`n. Khi CSVN co`n ddo'ng vai chu+ ha^`u Lie^n Bang Xo^ Vie^'t, Lie^n Xo^ dda~ cho Ha` No^.i vay 10.5 ty? Ru'p, dde^? tie^'n ha`nh cuo^.c chie^'n tranh xa^m la(ng VN Co^.ng Ho`a, la`m che^'t ho+n mo^.t trie^.u binh si~ mie^`n Ba('c, 350 nga`n qua^n da^n mie^`n Nam, va` 58 nga`n binh si~ My~.

Cho dde^'n nay, chi'nh phu? Ha` No^.i va^~n chu+a cha^'p nha^.n ca'ch ti'nh so^' tie^`n Ru'p ddo' ra My~ kim. Khi Lie^n Xo^ cho Ha` No^.i vay ba(`ng vu~ khi', dda.n du+o+.c, thi` mo^.t Ru'p co' gia' tri. cao ho+n mo^.t ddo^ la vi` kho^ng ddu+o+.c hoa'n ddo^?i tu+. do\. Gio+` dda^y chi'nh phu? Nga ba(`ng lo`ng ti'nh gia' tha^'p ho+n, 10 ty? ru+o+~i Ru'p tu+o+ng ddu+o+ng vo+'i 10 ty? ddo^ la, nhu+ng Ha` No^.i ky` ke`o chi? chi.u tra? khoa?ng 2 ty?.

Hie^.n nay ngoa.i te^. du+. tru+~ cu?a Ha` No^.i chu+a ddu? dde^? tra? mo'n no+. ddo' va` ngoa.i te^. ddang khan hie^'m vi` so^' dda^`u tu+ ngoa.i quo^'c va` xua^'t ca?ng dde^`u gia?m. Ngay ca? so^' tie^`n do ngu+o+`i Vie^.t o+? ngoa.i quo^'c gu+?i ve^` cu~ng gia?m ma^'t mo^.t nu+?a\.

-- VeeVeo (xinbandungbuon@aol.com), September 06, 2003.

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