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I知 new to rowing, and I could use a little advice before buying my first boat. I知 140 pounds and very fit. I値l be rowing on calm open water. I知 thinking about the following boats in order of preference.

1. Peinert Dolphin 2. MAAS Aero 3. Alden Star

I値l be rowing for fitness and fun, but I suspect that I might want to try racing once I learn the proper technique. I very comfortable on the water, and I don稚 mind getting wet while I learn. I will be hauling the shell in and out of the water by myself, so weight is a consideration. Any advice on reasonably priced shells?



-- Michael Legare (, September 02, 2003


I have not rowed the Peinert Dolphin, nor the Alden Star, but I have rowed Aeros extensively on mostly-flat water, as these are my rowing club's beginner boats. An Aero will flip, but you need to row hard and then pin one oar behind your back to do so; getting back in is easy, and the bailer drains the footwell pretty quickly. While they are, by no means, flat-water racing singles, Aeros are raced in a 21- foot class by many, at least in California.

I weigh about 165 pounds and have no problem carrying these boats or loading them on and off a car myself (these are 39-pound fiberglass versions; the carbon version is a few pounds lighter).

Our club has several boats that are 20 years old and still holding up, despite the abuse that beginning rowers sometimes inflict (dropping, running into other boats, piers and walls, etc.). The single-skin hulls are pretty easy to repair, also.

-- John Swensen (, September 03, 2003.

I have rowed all three boats and owned the Dolphin and a Maas 24. Of the 3 the Dolphin is the least stable, the other 2 are more (and comparably) stable. I found the Maas boats had more initial stability, and were easier to board than the Dolphin with its washbox. The Dolphin is rumored to be faster than the Maas 24, but it doesn't seem like it. Any more questions, get back to me.

-- Ernie DeRushie (, September 04, 2003.

If you're 140 pounds and thinking you're going to stick with rowing for awhile, you might want to consider the Maas 24 or, even better, the Flyweight. The Aero is nice but definitely a beginner boat and you'll probably outgrow it quickly and then kick yourself for not having gotten at least a 24.

-- L. Hohnstein (, September 14, 2003.

I have not found anyone yet with a bad thing to say about the Mass 24. When you look through the classifieds there are usally several ads of people looking for a used one so the resale value is good. Buy a crap boat and you outgrow it. I am sold on the Maas now I've got to save up to buy one.

-- Jim (, June 14, 2004.

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