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there is a poem of B.V. about "Extras", in films, which book is it from? Iīve been looking for it for years, but I havenīt managed to find anything, I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this,

Thanks Rita

-- rita zuzarte (ritaimage, September 01, 2003


I'm not entirely certain where this poem is from. Vian published at least one book of poems, and only one that I know of, called "Cent Sonnets" I believe. Other poems might be scattered through his other posthumous books. Also, is it possible it's a song? Try "Textes et Chansons" which has many song lyrics in it. Furthermore, I assume you're asking for it in the original French--if not, I have never heard of any major translation of Vian's poetry.

-- Jeremy Barker (, September 06, 2003.

By the way, on an almost wholly unrelated side-note, have you seen Vian as Prevert in the movie "Les Liaisons Dangereuses"? It's actually wonderful to just get to see him walking around and talking, sort of a weird and surreal experience regarding someone who you think of mostly as a writer who's been dead for almsot 45 years. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

-- Jeremy Barker (, September 06, 2003.

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