When will the war criminals of Hue Massacre be punished?

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I have been looking for the answer to that question for a long time! I was not a victim, but I felt the pains the people of Hue suffered at the hands of the Vietnamese Communist in 1968! This astrocity cannot be ignored nor forgotten!

I am looking to learn of any movement to bring justice to the victims of Hue 1968. Or is it swept under the rug?

-- Dak Cloud (dakocloud@yahoo.com), September 01, 2003


soon Dak cloud ( 2005 - 2007 )

R U ready ?

-- cay huong (cayhuong@vietcong.ngu), September 01, 2003.

*** . More likely your question can not bring up to the UN attention for now and may be 4ever.

The end of Vietnam war was closed at the wrong time as if it could be hung a little longer to see USSR drop the Hammer & sickle then today, Vietnam would be difference. and may be WAR CRIMEs will be brought to justice.

-- VeeVeo (xinbandungbuon@aol.com), September 02, 2003.

*** . Can we discuss why the VN war start ? Mister HoChi'Me'n employed IDEOLOGY from USSR to start the Murder-War right on North Vietnam. After Geneva-1954 treaty, HCM still want Ideology to be used in the South in order to make "Total Independent". Sounds great at first but after 30-4-1975 Hanoi invade Cambodia and Laos.

There is no doubt the Agent Orange may still be around VN's ground for years, one thing I can not understand when Hanoi complained that, one family born and live in Mongcay province, near South East China's border got sick by Agent Orange ?

From 1954 - 1960's, do you know how many people in North VN got revenged, killed, murdered by Hanoi's reform program ? Hanoi killed their own people, at this period of time, please do not blame the South or USA.

During VN war, the South only bring a few, about 100 men to North for "spying" and nothing esle other than that. The North brought a million young soldiers to south to invade with tanks, TNT, etc.... and nearly 1/4 of them barely die on the way thru Truongson passes.

Vietcong is so STUPID, they kill their own nhandans,let their own country become poorest country in the world and then they beg the whole world help them, get loan, food, ....

Who wont help them, they kho'c nhe` and chu+?i :) Mo^`m Hanoi chu+?i as (tranviethung@gotmail.com) chu+?i nhu+ng tay va^~n chi`a ra xin a(n, xin vie^.n tro+. nha^n -da.o, Vietnam la` nuo+'c -du+'ng -da^`u sa?n xua^'t ga.o, Hanoi va^~n xin ga.o ....

What a SHIT :)

-- VeeVeo (xinbandungbuon@aol.com), September 02, 2003.

Dear friend cay huong, you seem positive on the matter! Kudos to you! Would you be able to send me some info regarding any possible link to this date!? I am anxious to join in, I am honored to be a part of that process.

Long live justice to the victims of Hue Massacre!

-- Dak Cloud (dakocloud@yahoo.com), September 02, 2003.

When I was in Viet Nam in 1968, I had a Viet Namese friend who had family in Hue. He had been told by the VNCH government in March that 16 members of his extended family had been executed by the Communists. Some weeks later a friend of his came to SaiGon and told him that his family members had actually been killed during artillery and air strikes made by the ARVN and US forces. I respectfully suggest you read an analysis of the "Hue Massacre" done by Gareth Porter in 1974. You can access a copy at www.vwip.org/articles/hue- port.htm As Martin Luther King said: No lie can live forever.

-- Greg Driscoll (picaflor1968@hotmail.com), October 15, 2003.

Címon boys, this shit is fucking weird



The mass graves shocked the city and the whole country. Almost every family in Hue has at least one relative, close or remote, who was killed or still missing. The latest mass grave found in the front yard of a Phu Thu district elementary school in May 1972, contained some two hundred bodies under the sand. They had been slaughtered during one-month occupation of an NVA unit. Sand left no sign of a mass grave below until a 3rd-grader dug the ground rather deep for a cricket. Besides more than two thousand persons whose deaths were confirmed after the revelation of the mass graves, the fate of the others, amounted to several thousands, are still unknown. The 1968 massacre in Hue brought a sharp turn in the common attitude toward the war. A great number of the pre-'68 fence sitters, anti- war activists, and even pro-Communist people, took side with the South Vietnamese government after the horrible events. After April 30, 1975 when South Vietnam fell into the hand of the Communist Party, it seems that the number of boat people of Hue origin takes up a greater proportion among the refugees than that from the other areas.



Elsewhere in Hue, teams of Viet Cong rounded up thousands of government officials, sympathizers and Catholics. Many of these "enemies of the state" were shot or buried alive in mass graves. Others simply vanished.

-- evils seen evils do (MonkeyHoChiMinh@evils.net), October 15, 2003.

My dear Mr Driscoll, I appreciate your view and comment.

Like Mr Porter said in his writing, it's so easy to blame everything on war and its illusions. And i've read his piece with great skepticism. It's not an analysis, it's a re-write of other reports, it shows his shortcomings in his attempt to find the truth.

You are so correct to quote Martin Luther King's. No lie can live forever.

But the burning questions i have are these:

Given the lies and propaganda from both sides of the conflict, what happened to all those people who disappered during the time that the VC and the CSVN took control of Hue? Where did they go? What or who killed them if they are dead? Why only the selected ones? If they were casualties of fighting, why were their hands bound behind their backs?

The time frame was so short, yet the damage was so huge. I do not believe for a second that the VC and the CSVN took their time to dig many big graves to burry the casualties of war. They barely had enough time to tend for their own troops, much less to show care and love for the dead bodies.

And further more, which type of political faction that always kill off the educated, the governing section of people? The Communist Chinese did it, the CSVN did it (back in the earky '50s and again in '68)the Khemer Rouge did it. Any rebuttal on this!?

-- Dak Cloud (dakocloud@yahoo.com), October 15, 2003.

It seems that Mr. Driscoll is short of answer to the questions where the remaining missing people of Hue are? The rest of the world would rather forget these attrocities partly because the North Vietnamese have succeeded in invading the South and thus succeeding colluding the facts and silencing anyone of its people who dares to speak out against the Communist government. JUSTICE might come a long way but it will be served!!!

http://www.11thcavnam.com/education/hue.htm http://www.vcdh.virginia.edu/HIUS316/mbase/docs/hue.html http://www.saigon.com/regions/hue/ http://www.vietnamnew.org/english/massacre_at_hue.htm http://www.bolerium.com/cgi-bin/bol48/76479.html

-- Sandy Ngo (sandyngo1983@yahoo.com.au), November 19, 2003.

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