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Anyone have any info/opinion on the F4 Carbon Sil Motor Exhaust at


Heard anything? Good or bad?

-- Pirate (, August 31, 2003


Interesting question.

I have the carbon Sil Motor unit (chipped) fitted to a 2000 Biposto MV. This was fitted by the previous owner.

I tried to get more info on power via this forum about a year luck.

My observations - runs a little rough below 5000rpm but goes like the clappers above. Suspect it is good for quite a few extra horses in the upper rev range.

Finally...nothing looks quite as good!

-- Hennie Morkel (, September 02, 2003.

Hi pirate, I had fitted the titanium sil motor exhaust on my F4 2000 for 24.000 kms. It was a very nice noise but my friends got pain in the ears (105 dB). The power ... there was no power. I was on the dyno. Only 101 hp!!!. Now I have the RG3 and the SPR manifold outlet for more than 7.000 kms.. ... nothing better than this! much fun!

-- André (, September 02, 2003.

I bought my 2000 model a year ago with Silmotos fitted. I also found it rough below 5000RPM but brilliant above that though its very noisey. This year I had a Power Commander it fitted and and dyno mapped it, I am now running at 114.2BHP (incidently this was done on the hottest day of the year over here so maybe there is are acouple more there at normal temps). The Silmotos + SPR chip ran at 107BHP. With the PC I got it to run rough only below 3000RPM so city riding becomes more tolerable. Also you get a smooth rump-up from 3000- 13000RPM. Its worth doing because the feuling is all out with those cans.


-- Danny (, September 05, 2003.

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