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I have been dating my boyfriend from Aruba for 4 years. I have gone there numerous times to visit him and he has come to CT to stay with me as well. Last year INS stopped him in Aruba and would not let him come back to the states because he stayed more months in the US then in Aruba in a certain time period. He never over stayed his three month tourist visa. Always went back within the time frame. He did have a green card and lived in Miami for 13 years. Was married and has a daughter in Florida. We would like to get married. How complicated would a fiancé visa be to obtain?

-- Kathy Coppola (, August 31, 2003


Response to fiancé Visa

It should not be that complicated to bring your fiancŽ here on a fiancŽ visa, just a little tedious and painstaking, as long as they only "turned away" your fiancŽ at preflight inspection in Aruba. (It would be very complicated if they had put him in expedited removal at a U.S. airport.) Attorney Boyle will be out of the office most of the next few days. If you call in, Attorneys Maria Labaredas or Jennifer Rodriguez could explain the process to you step-by-step.

-- Michael Boyle (, September 01, 2003.

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