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Ok i have a minibike and i have NO idea of where the govonor is on the motor cuz obviously i want to go faster, its a tecumseh H35 3.5hp motor for a minibike and i want to know where it is... can you tell me, e-mail... AIM... xanderxcagex xxx thank you, Brian Guy

-- Brian Guy (, August 31, 2003


i really need a reply!my new hobbie is messing with motors and building new things.i have a motor bike (made it with a cain saw) and a mini go kart (all custom!made it by scrap)and i have a lown mower ingon,what can i build with it.!e-mail me! my e-mail is

-- matt (, September 04, 2003.

There is a linkage comeing out of the side of your motor that goes up to your carburetor. Remove that, then take the side cover off your engine. You will see a plastic gear on the inside of the sidecover, with to little metal things that can move in and out. Take that off and make SURE you take the little metal washer behind it off. Then put your side cover back on and your done.

-- Jamie Miles (, May 12, 2004.

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