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Picked up my 03 F4 a few days ago in Charlotte, NC (I live in Asheville)... as you already know... it rocks.. wonderful machine.

Already looking at a few minor changes... one involves these cheesy looking foot pegs. Have already figured out what I want to do but I need some help.

We (my company.. Pirates’ Lair at already has custom pegs produced for us in the UK for the BMW K1200RS. Check em out at I checked and IMHO, these pegs will look great on this bike..the Titanium looks especially juicy, IMHO. All I have to do is have the manufacturer produce a carrier to slot into the opening on the MV.

I have two options.. A. I can purchase from a dealer both carriers and both pegs and send to the machinists or... B. Find some off somebody’s F1 and either borrow them or purchase from the individual who may have removed them when installing rear-sets...

Anybody have both left and right carriers and the pegs they’s be willing to let us use? Or would be willing to sell to us. We’ll furnish a free custom set of pegs to anyone who can help us when project is done... Either e-mail me at or call the home/office at 828.628.7093 EST.

Thanks in advance..

-- Pirate (, August 29, 2003

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