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Hi All,

The Southeastern Railway Museum has been approached by a gentleman at Waycross who has in his backyard a .... (ummm... having trouble deciding what to call it...) trailer mounted(at least it looks trailer mounted and definitely has rubber tires) thing shaped like a locomotive (Gp7? Gp9?) that from the pictures has been used by the Waycross Shriners (possibly as a parade float). I believe the gentleman mentioned 800unit scale (it looks to be about 75-80% the size of a "real" one) According to what information we've got it was originally built in 1975 or 1976 at Waycross shops as a Bi-centenial item. Color scheme is gray (similar to Family lines) and it has red/white/blue striping rather than red/yellow.

Does anyone know anything about this item or have any pictures of it when it was newer?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Randy

-- Randy Pirkle (, August 29, 2003

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