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Shocking news delivered on August 18, 2003.

Is there any movement to make something law for elevator passenger safety? KW

-- Kazuhiko Watanabe (, August 26, 2003


Guys, I this tragic incident is an awful reminder that what those of us do for a living, working on elevators, carries with it an enormous responsibility. 24/7, we must never forget that the general public entrust their saftey to us. It is for this reason, that the Elevtor locals and Local Elevator companies should excercise deligence when allowing journymen or helpers who are not qualified to perform work on Elevator controls. This may not be the case here, I do not know., but in San Francsico, about 20 years ago. A similar incident accurred in the Transamerica Title building, (Pyramid building). This prompted the "jumper policy" for the elevator vendor at this time. But the Doctor in Houston is dead. Why???

-- mike james (, August 30, 2003.

Elevator Accident

Some years ago (about 1985) I was working at the V.A. Hospital in Sepulveda, CA. I was on a weekend trouble call. I was watching the elevators and the # 2 car came into the lobby and a man walked off it. In less than 3 seconds the car took off in the down direction at a good speed with the doors fully open. Frankly it scared me, thats not supposed to happen. To make a story short, the back contact that suicided the generator couldn't make up because the making contact had welded. The relay was a P.B. KP series 2PDT. Since voltage and current are practicaly Zero at suiciding that wouldn't have been a problem if the making contact hadn't been used. Fortunately no one was injured. We paralleled a second relay in the suiciding circuit on both elevators. Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, September 03, 2003.

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