Polynesian Canoe?

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I am fortunate to have spent some time sailing in Polynesia (Marquesas, Tuamotus, Societies, Cooks, Niue, Tonga) and am impressed with the rowing craft the locals use, all of which have an outrigger for stability.

Is there anyone who builds them here in North America?

Thanks for any leads.

-- Kelly Wright (kwright@chipshot.net), August 26, 2003


Kelly Try Ted Perry who makes alden boats in Maine. He makes the "Kaiwi Challenger". Blake conant in Milford Ct bconant@optonline.net sells the hurricane one man outrigger Tori Butt in NY city sells Kaku's from John Pukea tori@islandoutriggers.com Check the East Coast Outrigger Racing Association, Outrigger@yahoogroups.com or Holoholo.com in Hawaii. Huki makes boats on the west coast. Wenonah Canoe in MN makes a one man and so does John Diller of Savage River Works in western MD.

Hope this helps.

-- John Zeigler (usrowboy@vzavenue.net), October 17, 2003.

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