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Just saw one in person. I cannot believe how small it looks. They look great in pix, but as the former owner of an F4, I am highly disappointed in the small stature of the brutale and it just does not have the intoxicating styling and overall presence of the f4. I am sure it performs well, but does anyone else share my frustration seeing one in person?

My gosh, do I have to settle for the great-performing, but ugly as sin Tuono? Now maybe the monster S4R....... Neither is as exclusive as an mv, but the Brutale, looks-wise, is disappointing and I am no longer interested.

Sorry, I am just venting.....

-- mike (, August 25, 2003


I, for one, think it's great that the new MV is a bit smaller then the monsters and Tuonos...give the smaller riders out there something to ride. I'm not that small (5'10', 150 lbs), but the Brutale would be GREAT for my girlfriend, or other guys g/f's...way to go MV!

-- ben (, August 25, 2003.

Good- Just 1 more available for sale! Small is good {especially for tossability purposes} and after looking at the Tuono{almost purchased one} and the Ducati S4R {fat and ugly} The Brutale shines in every way{not to mention the perfect everyday riding position} Just a few comments

-- Scott (, September 27, 2003.

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