Voluntary Repossession on my credit report

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My father leased a car for 3 years, liked it so much he re-leased it and I attached my name to it. He passed away during the second lease period. At the advise of a Cust. service Rep at bank of america (leaseing co)-"Stephanie" I returned the car to the dealer in which we leased it from. I was 2 months shy of completing an almost 6 yr lease, but since the estate had closed and per the leasing company the primary was no longer living -I returned the car. I was never late on my payments. Do I have any rights to get the Vol Repo off my credit report? I hired "Princeton Law" to clean up the credit but to no avail

-- Aggie Mirto (sbftoy@aol.com), August 22, 2003


Aggie, this site is for the victims of mortgage repossession in the UK, it does not deal with auto repossession here or in the states. You will need to find a site in the US that deals with auto repo questions.



-- John (sharky_john@hotmail.com), August 26, 2003.

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