Have MV parts availability improved recently?

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Hello all. I know some MV owners have experienced difficulty getting MV parts. Has that situation improved with the factory being back in operation? If not, how much of a wait have you been told? Are parts still on back order?

In 7 months, my two year warranty will expire. I'm also a bit turned off my TP's and other MV owners post-purchase experiences. I'm also a bit concerned with the MV's less that sterling reliability reputation. Most of all, I have a 2005 Lotus Elise on order (WohOOO!) and will most likely get ride of either the MV or R1 when or before it arrives.

I guess you can see where I'm going with this. I do know the market's full of used MV, but I think my local Ducati (not an MV) dealer can still sell my MV easily and at a decent price.

So, I just want to get an idea how other MV owners are doing in regards to warranty, service, and reliability issues.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), August 22, 2003


I just waited about three weeks for a water pump from time turned in for 6k km service to time ridden away (back in my hands a week ago today). Part was not in the US so I consider that a timely replacement and repair. I've also been told my water pump came in with lots of spares from the factory for Cagiva USA. We've waited that long on relatively common Ducati parts for the monster.

I think it will only improve now that things are back on full steam and they are just coming back from holiday. Suppliers are all lined back up, EVOIII's are out the door and now spares can be made more readily available again.

Just my opinion,


-- James (jamesacorell@hotmail.com), August 22, 2003.

Getting parts for the MV will never be as easy as getting parts for a Chevy Camaro but we haven't had much problems getting OEM parts for for the two MV's we have at the shop. The prices are actualy more reasonable than Ducati. The aftermarket parts have been easy to get-- and we now stock a lot of CF, billet and wheels. We even received some Workshop manuals last week!

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), August 22, 2003.

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