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I am 42 years old and decided to take piano lessons last year. I leaned how to play the song called, “Minuet in G” in the winter term and I learned how to play the song called, “Moonlight” in spring term. This summer, I did not sign up for any music lessons. Currently, I start practicing the song called “Fur Elise.” I think I have a problem on my left hand. My fingers are short so when I play that piece I have to stress all of my fingers in order to touch the key AEA or EEG. Some of my friends told me that they could feel there was a stop between switching from the left hand to the right hand vice versus or I did not move my hands quick enough to make a connection. I really appreciate if all of you could tell me the proper way to practice that song so I can play like the way that I heard on the radio. Thank you for your help.

-- Chen (, August 22, 2003


Using a metronome is great for keeping your tempo steady (drives you insane but keeps your tempo steady). If you feel frustrated, that you can't keep up with the rhythm then you have your tempo set too fast. Either have it click on each 8th note or each quarter note. Make yourself stick to it. (Fur Elise is one piece that students will slow down when they get to the hard parts and speed up for the easy parts.) In the situation with your fingers being short: go slow, try to make your hand and fingers relax between playing each note and not stress out or tense up. Tension in your fingers/hands/arm/shoulders/neck/jaw kills your tone, and eventually all the joy of playing the piano.

-- Sandy Wilkinson (, September 04, 2003.

Hello, Find a piano teacher and allow yourself to be taught.

-- Mary Ann Templeton (, September 12, 2003.

I just start playing too, I just made it to the first page (thank god) the best advice is to believe in yourself and do it, but beside that, try to practice your right hand first, then left hand. When you master both hand, try to put them together, this might take a while, but it how I was taught, and it work.

-- Alice (, August 27, 2004.

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