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I'm selling my CP Steadicam JR.

It is in complete working order and has only recently had a brand new gimbal/handle assembly added from Optex which has probably only had about half an hours use.

The rest of the unit is in good condition and everything is working.

It does have a NTSC lcd screen so I'm asking 300 for it - this is still a fully working unit and I've used it with a PAL camera with no real problem. The screen will display a white band at the top when using a PAL camera but this doesn't affect the ability to use the LCD to frame a shot and doesn't affect your ability to create fantasic pictures - it's worked wonders for me! If you wish, you could also use your camcorders LCD to provide the image. I've had NO issues using the Steadicam's monitor outdoors or in the sun.

I've seen Steadicams with monitors that dont work go for more than this!

I'll be happy to send pictures of the unit, answer questions and send pictures of the NTSC monitor... just drop me an email at:

I just thought I'd add a Steadicam JR Lite from OpTex will cost you 399 +VAT and that has NO MONITOR at all!!

Thanks James

-- James (, August 21, 2003

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