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Loan is approved for my second bike.. a 2003 F4 ... test ride scheduled for Saturday... These guys are not letting me sit on it without cash down and contract signed... OK.. I understand their paranoia.. ... So be it..

Looks like my road to perdition may have run into a roadblock and need advice...

I have my K12 insured through Bikeline and itís registered and tagged in Tennessee. Just found out that Bikeline does NOT cover bikes in NC nor do they offer a policy for the MV F4 which is on a ďscary bikeĒ list or something...

Weíve called 5 places in NC so far and not one will give insurance for this bike for a variety of reasons. 1. Either they only insure if you have your home, car, grandma, and everything else you own already on a policy or 2. They donít have the bike listed on the list.. but they do have MZ... Isnít that Russian? 3.They donít offer motorcycle policies at all.

Any North Carolinans out there who can offer advice on where you have yours?? Would hate to have the deal killed by something as stupid as this... any advice?? 828.628.7093 EST

-- (, August 21, 2003


I have the same problem here in Arkansas. The first year it was insured with Allstate at $350 a year, but the second year that raised it to $1200 a year! And that's with no accidents, tickets, or claims ever! So for the past 1 1/2 years I've been with State Farm. It's cheaper, but still no bargin at $750 a year.

Same story here in that most places don't even list it, but every single one of them list the MZ. I think it mostly has to do with the number of bike imported, and if that's the case, maybe now that things seem back in order at the House of MV Agusta the insurance rates will go down.

-- Brad Cowell (, August 21, 2003.

Try GMAC Insurance at Don't know if they insure in NC, but they do insur the MV and offer great service and prices. Good luck

-- Scott K (, August 22, 2003.

Dairyland Insurance company fully insures my MV as a collecters item for 264.00 a year. I am in Austin, Texas.

-- Billy D Arnold (, August 22, 2003.

Thanks Billy.... I'll give them a shot MOnday. I called and they are already closed for the weekend...

The cheapest I have found is $2000 after talking with 12 different carriers here in the Carolina's... That's 4 times what I pay for my K12RS.... Called the dealer today and told him that if I can't find insurance in the non-extortion range.. (about 1K a year..) I'll bail on the deal..

What a f#@*ing nightmare this is... 30+ years riding... zero accidents.. zero claims.. almost 50 years old... Can not believe this.. Shaka.. when the walls fell.

Will try Dairyland and some Tn companies next week as we have an office in Nashville... what a pisser... So close..!

-- Pirate (, August 22, 2003.


Scot/NC here. I am insured by Nationwide, see my private email to you. "I" feel your pain! I am not paying 1k per year but the MV is on a multi vechicle/property/liability umbrella policy. If I am not mistaken, at the time I added the bike, my agent told me that the MV was not listed and it is insured solely on the basis of displacement. At 750cc the rate was comparativly less than the K12RS. :) If my rates go up by tempting the fates with this discussion, oh no what have I done! =8O Good Luck and look for my post.


-- Scot Hennon (scot/, August 23, 2003.

Scott... Most insurance agents now have the bike actually listed and classified in a "High Performance/Race" category... was told the displacement now means nothing...Also.. almost all companies told me that THIS bike is special and rates would NOT lower even if I had 20 cars on same policy as the carrier works alone and independently of group carriers... sounds like a large crock of s%@*.... Lucky me...

They haven't beat me yet.. but I am bleeding from all orifices...

-- Pirate (, August 23, 2003.

Pirate: Have you tried GEICO? I have a multi-car policy and went thru their 'umbrella' company, $800 a year for comprehensive, for a shot, eh?


-- (, August 24, 2003.

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