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I learnt carnatic music in my childhood and then continued in my teens. Though I am not learning now, I try to Practise atleast 3 -4 times a week. Of late I see that my voice is sounding a little hoarse, could it be because i drink 1.5 cups of coffee every day. is there any specific diet that i should avoid to to make suer that my voice stays tuned?

thanks --Raman

-- Raman Parthasarathy (, August 21, 2003


Mr.Raman do not be disappointed about ur hoarse voice.Coffee has got nothing to do with ur voice unless u drink drums of it.First see the Doctor n get his opinion.If he says O.K please do good deep breething exercises under guidance.There is Lions Posture in Yoga like slowly strech ur tounge to the maximum n take it back slowly.Do it three times in the morning n three in the evening.Try to avoid taking Curds in the night.Avoid eating sour things.Practice everyday for half an hour of just musicaL Notes Ascending n descending slowly n attempt three speeds.The tonal production has to be pure akara n properly fuse with the notes.Change the Ragas every week.If u r phlematic take some Honey every day (One small spoon).Try these n if still the voice is hoarse let be like that n make it as ur own style.There r many hoarse singers but yet popular by their style or Gharana whatever u call it.If that is not palatable to u better u learn some instrument. With best wishes Prabhakararao

-- pingali surya prabhakararao (, October 17, 2003.

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