I need parts....question about ordering.

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I need a few parts after dropping my bike on its side...ugh! How do I go about getting them? DO I call a dealership or MV Agusta in Penn.? Hey and does anybody know if you can get the mirror plastic seperatly from the nose plastic? Also, one last question - Does anybody know where I can get some custom 2-finger levers similar to those custom-made ones the other guys friends made for him?

Any help or suggestions welcome, and thanks in advance.


-- Billy D Arnold (horus@manxomefoe.com), August 21, 2003


Now the joy begins. Cagiva in PA will not talk directly to customer so you need to go through your dealer. You can get the mirror seperately from the fairing. Enjoy owning a spare master cyclinder as you cannot find levers seperately. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but once its back together its still worth it.

-- Scott K (a56healey@yahoo.com), August 21, 2003.

that is a myth that you can't purchase the lever seperately and I don't know where it started. I can speak from experience that the levers can be purchased because I have purchased one. From a MV dealer. We looked up the part number and ordered it.

-- Kevin (kevsm@hotmail.com), August 21, 2003.

Thanks for the advice. I agree that its still worth it. I absolutely love my MV. The really crappy thing is the dealership I bought my bike from is no longer an MV dealer. In fact they quit being an MV dealer right before my first service on her. Luckily they still had a few filters on hand and did the service anyway. Now the closest dealer is 2hrs away and I'm due another service. The reason they quit was they didn't have the patience to deal with MV Agusta. Can't say I really blame them but it sucks for me. In the meantime I need; Right Fairing, Right Mirror Housing, Clutch Leaver (I still want shorty customs), and a tail section.

-- Billy D Arnold (horus@manxomefoe.com), August 21, 2003.

Kevin....Please tell me how to purchase the lever seperately I checked with several US dealers and 2 UK dealers and in each case was told that it was only sold as an assembly with the master cylinder. I hope that I won't need one in the future, but would like to know just in case. Thanks

-- Scott K (a56healey@yahoo.com), August 21, 2003.

For those wanting just the levers, check out this website http://www.canadian-production.ca/. He's made levers for some guys who post over on the Yahoo! forums, and they said they were definately high-quality levers. Good luck.

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@sbcglobal.net), August 21, 2003.

Billy, where did you buy your bike?

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@sbcglobal.net), August 21, 2003.

i would highly recommend Motocorsa out of Oregon! I have been getting most of my parts out of there for a while and they are always friendly and knowledgeable. Talk to Kat in parts. she knows her MVs. Their number is 503-292-7488. last time i checked they also had one service manual left.

-- Robbie (rpaggen@hotmail.com), August 21, 2003.

Thanks everyone for the info and links. I am putting a running list together of all of them. That way I can shop around a bit.

BTW, I bought my bike back in the summer of 2001 from Lone Star BMW Triumph, in Austin, TX.

She is a great bike. The only troubles I have had are, the first battery went dead real quick, my oil filter leaked after a long ride and my first service ( they didn't have the special MV filter wrench and didn't get it tight enough, and recently my brake light quit working for no apperant reason (bulb is good, fuses are good, can't find any loose wires). Minor stuff for a 3 year period.

-- Billy D Arnold (horus@manxomefoe.com), August 21, 2003.

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