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Iam a US citizen my husband was born in Mexico we got married in the US and filed all the papers so he can be legal but before he was deported for 5 years and the lawyer that we hired said that we could file the papers anyways we did and he was deported on 07/23/02 in dallas then he went to Juarez to the US consulate and they said he had to wait ten years before he can come back is there anything we can do so he can come back we have a daughter that was born in the US

-- C Marquez (, August 20, 2003


It may be possible to file waiver applications to overcome the normal ten year bar. These would be require showing that you and your daughter will suffer extreme hardship without your husband. these applications ared too difficult to complete on your own. You may want ot contact Catholic Charities in Dallas or an immigration attorney with a lot of removal experience.

-- Michael Boyle (, November 04, 2003.

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