we think our house has been repossessed, how do we find out, as we moved away some time ago

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In March 2002, my partner and I who had been battling with Royal Bank of Scotland for several years over our mortgage and business dealings, finally settled for a non status mortgage with Sourthern Pacific Mortgage Lenders (SPML). We were both self employed at the time, with a limited company so this seemed our only way forward.

In May 2002 our world was shattered when our only son was diagnosed with cancer. Due to his treatment, we were unable to maintain our businesses in the long run and fell into arrears. I did write to the mortgage company informing them of our son's condition several times, but when I received legal notices and contacted them by telephone, they said they had not received them.

In November 2002, a friend offered us the use of his flat for the winter and then on a longer term basis in exchange for duties around his campsite, so our occomodation is now a "tyed" arrangment.

As a result of the pressure from our son's illness, our businesses have folded and we are quite happy with our new relatively stress free existance and or expecting a child in November ( although this was extremely unplanned after 16 years!).

However, we have found it very difficult to return to our house and now understand it is for sale, we assume the mortgage company has repossessed the house. We realise now, we probably should of handed over the keys to the mortage lender, but simply could not cope with anything else at the time.

We are happy for the house to be sold/repossessed, however, we need to make sure that our new life is protected as much as possible, our income will be 15 000 per annum on a self employed basis plus living accommodation.

Please advice us what we need to do now?

-- Sally Heywood (sally@funnygang0.fsnet.co.uk), August 20, 2003


If you want to face the problem full on then you could simply contact your lender and ask them re the current status of things with your property. This would involve telling them where you are now etc etc and will probably start the ball rolling with a shortfall claim from them.

If you simply want to know if the house is up for sale why don't you contact the estate agent as a prospective buyer and have them mail the info to a friend? that way you'll know how much they're trying to sell the house for?

To safeguard your new life might not be that straightforward but not necessarily total doom and gloom. 15,000 is not a big salary and you have to live etc..there won't be much left after everything is accounted for ....they can't take what you don't have. They can't take your home as it's tied.

You don't need any stress with a baby on the way but only you can decide what approach to take...

I don't know if I've been any help....someone else might come up with something more constructive hopefully.

For the moment I would concentrate on looking after yourself and your baby before confronting them full on.

Take Care


-- moira (Anderston828@aol.com), August 21, 2003.

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