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I am looking to purchase repossession houses in Falkirk or surrounding area

-- Sam Gray (, August 19, 2003


Then get yourself up to Falkirk and look around and see if you can find some then ! You really take the biscuit, you come on to a site designed for the victims of mortgage repossessions and ask if you buy properties that have been repossessed. I dont suppose that you realised that by asking this sort of question you rub salt into the wounds of those repossessed through no fault of their own.

Shame on you and do not darken this baord again with your inane questions.

-- John (, August 20, 2003.

John I totally agree!

These people do not think!

-- who (, August 20, 2003.

Give them a break!! If people didn't try so hard to show off with big fancy houses that are totally out with there price range. Then there houses would never be took away from them. So whos to blame? Not sam, he's not planning on buying a house he can't afford! U no what they say "One man's loss, is another man's gain". If the man who had ur job before u didn't lose it, where would u be now????

-- Casa (, November 07, 2003.

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