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I have finally received documents I asked for after serving a SARN on B&B and guess what, I have received a wad of about 3 inches of paperwork - NOT IN MY NAME!! In a completely different name. I really can not believe it. The reference on the letter is the same as on letters from previous correspondance I have had with them regarding the SARN, it's my address but the name is nothing like mine. This begs the question what has happened to mine and has it been passed on to someone else. This has got to be gross incompetency, a severe breach of Data Protection, even the envelope had to be repackaged by Royal Mail as it had all come apart so no doubt everyone at the sorting office has also seen all this 'strangers' personal details.

Obviously I'll get in touch with B&B as I still want my info to disprove their alleged 11 year old debt. What else can I do to screw them (as they're trying to screw me) do I complain to the IC. Any info would be much appreciated.

The incompetency just astounds me - what are these people on???

-- Julie (, August 19, 2003


Hi Julie

Yes it is me... can you please contact me on 01202 871 178

Tried your email address ... not working

Many thanks

-- Gary Maund (, August 19, 2003.


I agree this is a serious breach of the Data Protection Act by B&B. Have you checked out whether this alleged debt is statute barred under the Limitation Act 1980, and whether the CML 6 year voluntary code applies in your case ? Have you sarned the lender ?


-- M Amos (, August 20, 2003.

Hi Julie

Still no contact with you?????

Can you please contact me on 01202 871 178 or email me your tel number.

I will need all the details and my personal information to take to my solicitor to see if I can take legal action against the B&B for releasing my data to a non authorized person.

Can you ensure that you keep the envelope that the docs came in?

I am at home tonight between 16:30pm - 22:00pm

Many thanks


-- Gary Maund (, August 20, 2003.

The B & B Data protection department is in dis array!

Going to solicitor is a total waste of time! it will cost you money and not go nowhere.

but i would contact info commissioner (see and download an assessment form and complain

Info commissioner will soon get fed up of this lender its data protection department is obviously understaffed and not trained in the compliance necessary.

-- who (, August 20, 2003.

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