Wanted: used and/or broken La Pavoni lever-style espresso machines

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Hello All, I am trying to source any La Pavoni lever style machines. I am looking for used and broken equipment. Any leads are appreciated! Thanks, -Tom

-- Tom Hamilton (tomhamilton@waxinwagon.com), August 18, 2003


I have a p90 in excellent condition. wouldn't part with it for less than $1500.00

-- Scott Perky (scotty@pcnuthut.com), August 19, 2003.

Hi Scott, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm specifically looking for the smaller home/small shop size units. They run in the $500-$800 range new. THanks, -Tom

-- Tom Hamilton (tomhamilton@waxinwagon.com), August 19, 2003.

We have an 8 cup lever La Pavoni that needs washers. Interested?

-- Dee Steward (dee@creatingwebs.com), August 23, 2003.

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