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I have recently acquired a Durst CLS 35 Enlarger - no instructions. I would be happy to pay for photocopying and postage if anyone can provide operating instructions. Most importantly, is there any one out there who can give me a general critique - do I have an 'orange' or a "LEMON". My efforts so far on the Durst Website have been fruitless.

-- Ross Pearson (trevorandrews@iprimus.com.au), August 18, 2003


Ross, the CLS 35 is a colour mixing head, the actual enlarger may be something like A300 ??? I have a second hand A300 with a CLS 35 mixing head. Being relatively new to photography and enlarging I was quite curious to see if I had brought a decent machine or not. Overall it would appear that Durst's are premium quality machines, built to last. The A300 is one well built machine, but with all things photographic what really counts is the quality of the lens. Do you have a Nikon or other lens on the machine ? I did manage to obtain a sales leaflet on the A300 with a page on the CLS35, not really a user guide but all i have found so far. I can scan this for you and send if you like ? Let me know. Alex

-- Alex Burke (tripp_hazzard@hotmail.com), September 18, 2003.

Durst is one of the finest of enlargers. The CLS 35 is the color head for the M301 enlarger. The CLS 30 is for the A300 enlarger. I have the M301 with a CLS 35 but I did not get the special lamp and stabilizer with the CLS 35 I bought off ebay. I also have the CLS 30 head with lamp and stabilizer but no A300. I think I will try to acquire the A301 autofocus rig and sell my M301 which I bought new and have used for B&W for quite a while... dunno which way I'll go. FYI, this Durst site has a few clues: www.durst.it/uk/mitte_sv_geraete.asp

-- Chuck

-- Chuck Cole (cncole@earthlink.net), December 02, 2003.

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