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Hi there, I have found out that VCDs can fit more data onto a CD-R because they use a different format. Is there any way I can burn a non-VCD compatible movie file such as a divx file onto a CD-R in the same format without it complaining that the format is wrong or it trying to re-encode it to a valid format. I am aware that if this is possible it will not be a standard VCD and therefore will not play in a VCD player - this is fine, I will play it on the PC, what I am after is fitting more space onto a CDR. I am presently using 800MB/90min CDR with NERO which work fine in normal data format, I was wondering if there is any software that will allow a divx file in VCD format onto the CDR and therefore effectively have more than 800MB of capacity. Many Thanks Darren

-- Darren (darrenw@heber.co.uk), August 18, 2003


CD-R/CD-RW discs have certain areas of the disc reserved for redundancy. Under CD-ROM and CD audio formats, it is not possible to write to these areas of the disc. VCD/SVCD use a different format, as you stated, that does not use this redundancy, so these areas of the disc are available to write to. I have seen a discussion on doing what you propose - writing DivX to CD-R but not using the standard CD-ROM format so that you can get more space on the disc. I think there is a guide at http://www.doom9.net on doing this, but I don't remember what they called it. Look at the Guides section and in particular DivX guides and you should find it. I will warn you that if you try this on a 90 minute CD-R, you may not be able to play it later. I tried to burn a DivX file to a90 minute CD-R and while the burn worked, I was never able to play the disc, not even using the drive I burned it to. VCD/SVCD/CD audio burned to 90 minute CD-Rs never gave me a problem. My personal recommendation is that you keep your DivX burns to 80 minute CD-Rs, but it is possible that you might have better luck than I did with the 90 minute CD-Rs. It's probably worth trying, but be prepared that it might not work as you hope.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 18, 2003.

I have been burning vcd's on 99min melodey branded cdr's for some time now with no problems what so ever, audio,mpg,data these disks hold 870mb of data, or 98min or so, and playback on most cheap dvd players. You just need a capable burner that can overburn to these disks. e.g Liteon burners are the most compatable with larger capacity disks. You do however need to sometimes play with the burn settings.eg: dao96 As to your divx files, I personaly woudlnt bother. vcd is far more compatable and useable in the real world, and if you use 99min disks then you should be able to dump most movies on this size disk in mpg1 vcd format and do away with divx alltogether. regards Trevor,V

-- Trevor.vizo (vizo@spacelink.com.au), August 18, 2003.

The guide to what I was talking about is at http://www.doom9.org/xcd.htm

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 18, 2003.

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