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I pleaded guilty in 1986 to 2 charges of selling cocaine I was given a sentence of 7, years I entered an intensive supervision program I did 18 months on the program, once completed I was resentenced to no parole or probation,I'am a permanent resident I have been in this country since 1965 I'm 43 years old I'm married to a US citizen and have 2 children ages 16 and 12, this has been the only time that I have been involved with the law, is there any kind of relieve from deportation should I be detained in the future? thank you

-- Henry Alvarez (, August 17, 2003


Because your conviction is so old, if the INS puts you in removal proceedings you may be able to apply for 212(c) relief, a kind of immigration pardon where the immigration judge looks at your whole life and decides if you deserve to stay in teh U.S.

-- Michael Boyle (, November 04, 2003.

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