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there is a local free piano I am interested in but I went to check it out and many of the keys, when pressed, do not make noise and then remain down. some are even able to be lifted up from their current spot. I was wondering if hiring a tuner to tune the piano will fix these keys. also some of the ivory key covers are missing and I was wondering if it was still legal to buy new ivory covers. thank you.

-- Thomas Diaz (, August 17, 2003


Personally, I'd run screaming for the hills. Here's a link to photos of a piano on fire, in case you'd like to try it: Actually, you could have a Piano Technician look it over and estimate the cost of repairs. Tuning alone won't make the keys work. It sounds like the action inside is broken. It may not be tunable anyway, if the strings, pins and wood are in bad condition too. I don't think ivory is legal anymore, it certainly shouldn't be. But they do have ivory substitutes, and the inner action may be reparable.

-- anon (, August 18, 2003.

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