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Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a good way to practice glissandi. I haven't really played any except a few short runs in a couple of pieces. Anyways I'm in the process of learning the 3rd mov. of the Prokofiev 3rd. The double note section which everyone plays as glissando requires lots of volume. When I try to play loud it rips the back of my fingers to shreds. I usually use my 3rd and 4th fingers. I'm just wondering if I have to bear with it until my fingers toughen up. I guess I could use band aids for a while...any help would be appreciated. And if anyone out there acutally plays with the correct double notes could you give me some ideas on the fingering. It seems nearly impossible to play double notes that fast. Thanks.

-- Allan Knight (, August 17, 2003


Try changing the angle at which you hold your hand. It sounds like you're holding your hand almost parallel with the keys. Raise your hand so that only your nail tips touch the keys.

-- Arlene Steffen (, August 17, 2003.

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